Travis Scott Explains Concept Behind ‘Astroworld’



Travis Scott’s fans are eagerly waiting for the rapper to release his new album Astroworld.

Travis set the ball rolling with the new single ‘Watch‘ featuring Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert last week. The Houston native is usually tight lipped about the nature of his projects but he opened up a little bit about Astroworld to the L.A. Leakers recently.

“It’s a different story,” LaFlame said, explaining the different between the upcoming album and his last effort, Rodeo. “I’ve been through so much different sh*t in my time. You know, I’ve seen so much different stuff now. It’s just a different story I have to tell. It’s kinda like a more personal album. I just want people to kind of get to know me and like really get to know the rage inside and really what’s going on in my mental, like really what I be thinking.”

Travis also spoke on ‘Watch’, saying that Lil Uzi and Kanye wanted to jump on the song the moment they heard i


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