Why You Should See Miguel Live


Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Miguel has announced the extension of his War & Leisure tour to New Zealand and Australia in July.

So why should you purchase tickets to see Miguel live?

Miguel Sounds Amazing Live

He’s not only a great studio performer but also sounds just as good singing live. Add in dancing around the stage, engaging with his band and crowd, and you’re in for a treat.


He Hasn’t Performed In NZ In Four Years

The first time Miguel performed in New Zealand was in 2014 when he supported Bruno Mars on his Moonshine Jungle Tour. This will be his first headline NZ show.


His Set List Is Fire

The set list below is from one of his California War & Leisure shows this year.

  1. Criminal
  2. The Thrill
  3. How Many Drinks?
  4. Banana Clip
  5. Sure Thing
  6. Harem
  7. Wolf
  8. Do You…
  9. Simple Things
  10. Lotus Flower Bomb / All I Want Is You / Power Trip / Lost in Your Light
  11. I Told You So
  12. DEAL @ with Nonchalant Savant
  13. Caramelo Duro
  14. Come Through and Chill
  15. City of Angels
  16. Coffee
  17. Waves
  18. Anointed
  19. Pineapple Skies


  20. Pussy Is Mine
  21. Adorn
  22. Sky Walker


I was lucky enough to see Miguel perform at Coachella this year and I rate him as one of my favourite acts from the weekend. You could feel magic being made while he performed.


Tickets to see Miguel live in Auckland are now on sale from HERE.


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