REVIEW: Jorja Smith – Lost & Found

Jorja Smith is the whole package. Following the success of her single “Blue Lights,” Smith’s fame quickly swelled. Hip-hop already loves her. Last year Drake snagged her talents for his More Life playlist. Additionally, she appeared on Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther soundtrack.

Just in time for her 21st birthday, Smith has released her debut album “Lost & Found.”

The entire album touches on subjects such as a desire for a fairytale relationship, vulnerability, and society issues. “Lifeboats (Freestyle)” follows the same message as Kali Uchis’ “Your Teeth In My Neck,” with the topic of capitalism and selfishness. The entire song is surrounded by the imagery of individuals being in their own boats and watching others drown. Rather than picking others up, we watch them drown and continue swimming by.

Jorja Smith did not sell herself short in the debut album whatsoever. Her delivery, her lyrics, the production and the comprehensive themes surrounding love and vulnerability makes this album.


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