Miguel’s 10 Best Songs


In honour of Miguel performing in Auckland in a few weeks, here are the 10 best songs that define Miguel’s mark in the R&B and pop industries:

10. “Coffee”

The sultry single has three versions, with one featuring a verse from Wale. Miguel sings about his favourite topic: love—about a good night turning into a great morning with his significant other. “I wish I could paint our love / These moments and vibrant hues / Wordplay turns into gunplay / And gun play turns into pillow talk / Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams / Sweet dreams turn into coffee in the morning.”

9. “Good Lovin”

Miguel always brings a smooth vibe on collaborations, it’s no wonder why rappers and other singers snag him for vocals. This time around, it’s Ludacris who teams up with the singer on the single about past loves that he lost.

8. “#Beautiful” – Mariah Carey feat. Miguel

Mariah Carey joins forces with the crooner for a retro love ballad. The song quickly became a radio favourite that was perfect for the summertime.

7. “…All”

This track wasn’t a radio single since it was released on his Art Dealer Chic EP, but it’s one of those songs that scream inspiration and motivation. “I just want the whole world to know it’s real / Don’t you hear my passion / Don’t you see I’m ill.”

6. “Power Trip” – J. Cole feat. Miguel

Another popular radio hit that earned J. Cole and Miguel a Grammy nomination in 2014. The infectious beat with Miguel’s sweet tone and Cole’s lyricism is the perfect combination.

5. “Sure Thing”

He talks about the undeniable love with his girl being a match made in Heaven. “Even when we’re down to the wire babe / Even when it’s do or die / We can do it baby simple and plain / Cause this love is a sure thing.”

4. “Lotus Flower Bomb” – Wale feat. Miguel

Miguel is a master at rap/sung collaborations and this single earned another Grammy nomination. Wale adds Miguel’s vocals as they cater to women on this sensual rap song. “We’re living in a fantasy / I feel it when you dance with me / It’s feeling like you need to be / My lady, my baby.”

3. “All I Want Is You”

This single put Miguel on the map as a rising star and adding J. Cole gave him an edge that he can put out more than R&B records.

2. “How Many Drinks”

From his Kaleidoscope Dream album, Miguel started showing more of his personal style. This track was a party favourite simply from the title alone and he added fellow Los Angeles native Kendrick Lamar to join him on a remix.

1. “Adorn”

The singer’s most successful single to date that earned him a Grammy for Best R&B Song and sold over one million copies. Fans can’t get enough of Miguel expressing his emotions freely about his significant other. “Let my love adorn you baby / Don’t you ever / Don’t you let nobody tell you different baby / I’ll always adore you.”

Miguel will be performing at Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland, Saturday 14 July. Tickets are now on sale from HERE.


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