A Look Into Donald Glover’s “Pharos Festival”

Earlier this year it was announced that Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino was bringing his Pharos Festival to Auckland. With only a few details released, the mystery of Pharos hasn’t stopped fans from purchasing tickets. The festival had nearly sold out even before a venue was announced.

So, what actually is Pharos Festival?

“Pharos is meant to be a communal space—a place that evolves and reacts to the culture,” Glover said via e-mail to Vanity Fair. “We aren’t tied to a format and that lets us adapt in a way that others can’t. We’re selling real intimacy. We protect the experience and it becomes something you genuinely share with the people around you and you take away something special. We’re looking at expanding the world in 2018—there will be more artists involved.”

The first edition took place in Joshua Tree, California, in September 2016, consisting of a series of sold out shows by Glover and his collaborations, all inside an enormous V.R. dome constructed in the middle of the desert. A Burning Man type of festival for creative millennials more interested in the experience than documenting it on social media. (Attendees had to seal their phones in lock bags for the duration of the concert.)


With Gambino’s second Pharos festival, according to the app, fans will get the chance to “experience new music” and witness “live dome performances each night” with “special guests.”

Pharos is heading to Auckland – November 23 to 25, and will take place at Tapapakanga Regional Park. A shuttle service will also reportedly be available from Auckland Airport and the city, as well as camping equipment rentals.

Limited $149USD tickets can be purchased from the official Pharos Earth app.